Welcome to the Paradox.

You’re alive right? Breathing ok are you? – Well you may be a bit excited, and that’s understandable really, you’re here browsing around the Love and Thunder online t-shirt shop and trying to figure out who or what we are…but so far we hope you like what you see, which is why you’re back here reading this. Great – welcome to our neck of the woods, pull up a chair. Neo was here too and left a happy man.

Right, so where were we? Love and Thunder.

Put it this way. The Paradox is this: much of the things we love in life can also be our greatest source of pain. That’s the crux of Love and Thunder. Scientific boffin types tell us that there’s always equal opposing forces in the universe – well, whatever – we see it simply like this:


Good / Evil

Fast / Slow

War / Peace

Calm / Storm

Aircooled / Watercooled

Love / Thunder


We’re not trying to be philosophical or anything, we’re just trying to express creatively the things we see, feel and appreciate about life.

When we launched Love and Thunder we wanted to take all of our past experiences and wrap them up into an expression of great design and high quality stuff. We’re strongly influenced by the vintage era but we’re not strictly a vintage brand, we call our style “edgy vintage” to try and capture all of the sentiment and nostalgia that we think makes people like us appreciate that scene. When you add to that, the years of surfing, skating, designing, drawing, travelling, riding, building and driving we’ve done then you can begin to see why we think like we do and how that translates into the stuff we make.

You can be alive and not really be living at all.

At Love and Thunder we love great illustration and original art of all kinds. We appreciate effort and hard work and the time it takes to do something right. We love excellent typography and other hand drawn penmanships, as well as thoughtful photography and amazing imagery. We’re into a lot of cool stuff and appreciate the effort some people go to to make the ideas in their heads a reality. Art is expressed in many forms and to some it’s ‘Love’ and to others it’s ‘Thunder’. Get the picture?

There are lots of people out there like us. People like you who appreciate good down to earth well made things that have taken sincere effort and a good deal of time to get just right. People who love vanlife but don’t live in their vans all the time. People who love classic aircooled Volkwagens and campervans. And people who love custom cars and hotrods! Whether they be clothing and t-shirts, or bikes, boards, customs and hot rods. It’s because those kinds of things reflect who we are and the stuff we most value on this journey besides the awesome people we meet on the way. That’s why we call our stuff “CRAFTED” – because it’s not just been thrown together to sell to you.


Our ethos has its roots in a vintage way of thinking. Call it old school or traditional if you like – we’re ok with that – it’s who we are.

Come along with us and experience the Love & Thunder of adventures and automobiles.