Hotrod T-Shirts

Ever since the film American Graffiti brought the Hot Rod into the limelight; the trend of building custom modified cars out of vintage steel has kept on growing well into the twenty-first century.

Well before World War II guys, and gals, were “hopping up” or upgrading their cars, lowering their suspensions and stripping out everything unnecessary in the pursuit of more speed and more power! Whether it was for cruising, drag racing or screaming across a salt pan or the sands of a golden beach at low tide – Hotrods are here to stay.

Often seen as the outlaws and mavericks of society, these car loving modifiers built ever more beautiful Hotrods and firmly established a culture all of it’s own. Just look at the Love and Thunder logo and you can tell straight away that we’re huge fans of hot rods, modifieds and customs. We’ve teamed up with some great artists to create some of the most unique hot rod and custom car illustrations and graphic designs ever seen on t-shirts.

We want these to be seen as art – just like the cars they celebrate.


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