Thunderbug Attack! Insect & Bugs T-shirt – The coolest beetles tee ever!


Thunderbug takes on all-comers in this artistic work by John Baxter. It’s cool and freaky! I mean, look at the size of those bugs man!

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Thunderbug Attack!

The Coolest beetle T-Shirt ever!

This t-shirt has been a real attention getter – it’s an absolute authentic original piece of art by John Baxter. Few t-shirts actually make people stop and stare – and this is the king of them all when it comes to getting attention. You’ll stare at each bug for hours yourself!

thunderbug-close-up-mpAt Love and Thunder we express ourselves a bit differently when it comes to t-shirt design. So we wanted a great way to introduce our mascot “Thunderbug” – doer of good deeds and slayer of evil! A champion of mischief who is indeed larger than life. You see – the thunderbug or thunderfly is actually a tiny little critter but we’ve given him a makeover and full-on banksy treatment!

Anyway, in this original hand drawn & painted illustration our intrepid mascot, Thunderbug, is attacking all these other nasty, but beautifully illustrated, bugs. The eight other bugs stand for everything that’s wrong in this world that’s contrary to Love – the Thunder as it were – poverty; corruption; apathy; terrorism; fear; rape; greed and disease. Not an all inclusive list but you get the picture. It’s Love & Thunder.

Thunderbug Attack! is a full four colour process print on a brilliant white Super Deluxe 100% cotton t-shirt from our Artist Series that directly supports the creator of this truly epic illustration.

Without getting too weird about it, this is the Love & Thunder take on the whole “disrupt” way of thinking and Thunderbug is the lifehack!

Love and Thunder Super Deluxe T-Shirts feature:

  • 100% Natural Cotton
  • Super Heavyweight 200+gsm fabric
  • Premium quality screenprint on the front and another on the back!
  • Original VW Beetle surf Artwork
  • 4 colour process print
  • Damask woven Neck and hem label